How many people can fit in the Sauna?

Up to 10-12 people. The Sauna is generally used in 15 minute sessions allowing a larger group to alternate between uses.

What is included with the Sauna rental?

The Sauna, enough wood to sauna twice per day of rental, and delivery within 40 miles of 17437 MN HWY 22 Litchfield, MN. (See our service area map, free delivery within the service area, additional fees will be required if we are able to provide service outside of the service area.)

Where is your service area and how much does it cost for delivery?

Delivery within 40 miles of 17437 MN HWY 22 Litchfield, MN is included with the rental price. Delivery up to 50 miles max is available for an additional $4.00 per mile past 40 miles. See our delivery area map below.

Do you deliver outside of your service area?

Contact us with the delivery address and we can discuss possible delivery and additional fees.

Is the waiver required to rent or use the Sauna?

Yes, Fireside Saunas’ liability begins and ends with the price of the Sauna rental and/or session(s). You agree to take on all responsibility, legal, medical, etc. during the duration of your rental and/or session(s).

Can I move the Sauna once it is delivered?

No, you must be present during delivery to approve the location of the Sauna.  Once it is unhooked from our delivery vehicle the hitch will be locked and it must remain in that location for the duration of the rental. The Sauna must be located on private property so there is no possibility that it will be ticketed or towed, if any such expenses are incurred during your rental you will be responsible for those charges, damages, expenses, etc.

Does the Sauna require a flat surface to sit on?

Yes and no, we can park the sauna on a gentle slope using shims, but we recommend as flat of surface as possible to set up the Sauna.

How big is the Sauna?

Total dimensions of the Sauna are 19′ long x 9′ wide x 13′ high. We will need ample room to maneuver and park the sauna at your location with easy access at time of delivery and pickup. Clearance of 12′ from the nearest building is required.

Does your Sauna have lights?

Yes, there is an outside light by the door and interior under-bench accent lights. The lights are solar powered so external power is not required.

Does the Sauna have a changing room?

No, our sauna is a hot room only sauna to accommodate larger groups.

How hot does the Sauna get? 

Our wood fired Sauna can get up to 220 degrees Fahrenheit or possibly hotter.

However, for our wood fired sauna, temperatures most clients use is between 140-180 degrees Fahrenheit and we find it is definitely effective and comfortable at the lower range.

How long does the Sauna take to heat up? 

It depends on the type of firewood, the temperature outside, and how hot you prefer to sauna; usually, it takes between 2 to 3 hours to heat up.

What wood would you recommend to use in the wood stove? 

Typically hard wood burns the longest, we will provide the firewood for your rental and paper to get the stove started twice a day.  Please do not burn anything else in the stove.