Fireside Saunas – Relaxation for Rent

Relaxation for Rent

The mobile sauna set up for use at a customer's house. The sauna is positioned in the yard surrounded by trees and bushes.
  • Family gatherings
  • Christmas party
  • New years party
  • Birthday or Anniversary party
  • 4th of July party at the Lake
  • Athletic events: skiing, biking, marathons, etc.
  • Pool Party – Don’t have a pool? Add our optional plunge tubs May through October
  • Gift this experience to the person who has everything
  • For any occasion or none at all

Try out our sauna at the cabin, at the lake, or at home. We deliver the sauna to you!

Inside the Sauna

At the heart of our Sauna we have the IKI Sauna stove, designed and hand made in Finland. This stove will give you an amazing Sauna experience! We feel wood fired Sauna provides the best and most authentic Sauna. Just add water to steam it up. So try it for yourself and see what you’ve been missing!

Interior of the mobile sauna glowing in the natural light provided by the sauna's three large windows. Cedar paneling walls, ceiling, and benches provide the perfect atmosphere for your relaxing wood fired sauna experience.
Water pail with wooden ladle and towels waiting to be used on the cedar bench. An evergreen tree and blue sky look picturesque out the window above the bench.

Healthy Living

Let the sauna’s heat penetrate your body and relieve fatigue, muscle soreness, and stress.

Elevate your mood as the sauna’s warmth and moisture encourages deep breathing and a meditative state.

Sauna use has been shown to improve heart health, blood pressure, and cardiovascular respiratory fitness.

Sauna use may decrease total cholesterol, psoriasis, and cold symptoms. 

Last of all don’t just take our word for it, check out this write-up from Minnesota’s Mayo Clinic that discusses some of the many health benefits of regular Sauna use.

Mission Statement

To be stewards of our health and to be stewards of our land. With a wood-fired sauna as our inspiration, we can do both. Every sauna rental provides funding for the planting of trees on our diversified family farms, and to steward those trees as part of a sustainable future.